The Future of Asset Provenance.

Asset Tokenization, Reimagined.

PRüF that it's Genuine.

Prüf that it's yours.

PRüF is a cross-chain asset tokenization protocol. Using PRüF, you can be sure that the products or digital items you buy online or on the street are authentic. Unlike legacy tokens, NFTs minted with PRüF are durable, upgradeable, and future-proof. Unlike legacy protocols, PRüF ensures that your tokens do not become dead internet links in the near future.

Using our proprietary, DAO-enabled protocol, PRüF Trust-Enabled assets are immutable and cannot be tampered with or forged by third parties. Plus, PRüF does not store your sensitive information. What's yours is YOURS.

Once you have an asset authorized with PRüF, you can access your records from anywhere. With PRüF Trust-Enabled assets, you can instantly prove the authenticity and ownership of your purchases online at no cost.

Our Amazing Team

PRüF is made up of hardworking professionals with myriad experience in the blockchain and asset provenance space!

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