PRüF of value, peace of mind.

With PRüF, you can

Authenticate & Tokenize

your possessions on the blockchain.

Easily Manage

your valuables with confidence.

Join A Global Ecosystem

of markets and services.

PRüF that it's Genuine.

PRüF that it's YOURS.

With PRüF, you can purchase with confidence, and your possessions are privately secured on the blockchain.

More about PRüF.

What is PRüF?

PRüF is an asset provenance platform. Using PRüF, you can be sure that the products you buy online or on the street are genuine, not fakes or copies. Each item you tokenize with PRüF is privately & provably yours, making it resistant to loss and theft.

Maximum Security.

By using the Ethereum network, PRüF Trust-Enabled assets are immutable and cannot be tampered with or forged by third parties. Plus, PRüF does not store your sensitive information.

The Easy Way.

Once you have an asset authorized with PRüF, you can access your records from anywhere. With PRüF Trust-Enabled assets, you can instantly prove the authenticity and ownership of your purchases online at no cost.



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