Meet the PRüF Devs.

Clifford Smyth

CEO || Project Manager, Contract Architect

James Smyth

CTO || Full Stack Developer, Solidity Developer

Valin Smyth

CMO || Operations Manager, Graphic Designer

Drake Smyth

CSO || Full Stack Developer, Solidity Developer


Sabrina Duncan
Raoul Chapman
Adrienne Smyth
Ryan DeCorso
Ian Scarffe
Felipe Kirsten

PRüF is built with a vision guided by these core principles:

Data Sovereignty
you should be in control of your data and how it is used. PRüF empowers users without making them or their data into the product. PRüF does not collect sensitive data from its users. Whenever personally identifying information is required, it will be used for computations on the users own computer, and only the irreversible hashes made from that data will be stored on the blockchain.

PRüF systems are engineered so that they will not inadvertently or intentionally compromise the security, privacy, or agency of users. PRüF will protect the privacy of its users by collecting the minimum information required to provide the desired service, and clearly informing users of actions that may put their privacy, security, or agency at risk.

Personal Agency
PRüF strives to increase the freedom of its users from the external application of coercive force, whether financial, physical, or social.

As a blockchain based service, PRüF is designed to stand the test of time. The PRüF protocol is engineered to be flexible, upgradeable, modular, and persistent. PRüF will seek opportunities to align incentives that promote the utility and enhance the sustainable uses of PRüF, its applications, and the natural environment in which we all share.

Do No Harm
The developers of PRüF are committed to building a tool that has a positive impact on society. Many of the design decisions built into the PRüF protocol are designed to facilitate the positive uses of PRüF and discourage bad actors. The PRüF ethos is our commitment to ensuring that PRüF will not be used to deprive others of their rights, freedom, or property.

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