Why should I use PRüF 
to launch my NFT Project?

With only a few minutes of configuration in our Node manager portal, teams can launch an asset or NFT within our fully tested and audited contract network, eliminating expensive and time-consuming contract development and audits.

NFT teams can deploy their token, defining their data schemes and customizing the business logic, payment systems, and files/media that will apply to their token - all without writing a single line of contract code.

PRüF community governance protects your brand from interference by imposters. Other protocols and platforms leave you out in the cold on an equal footing with fakes. PRüF gives even single token issuers a clear verification path that leads to an easy to discover, unambiguously authoritative source to establish authenticity.

Developers can deploy NFT dApps by incorporating our libraries into their websites or adapting our sample react template. Using the tooling that we provide, developers can specify the features, look, and feel that is desired for their project with complete freedom.

PRüF Native NFT’s are standards-compliant tokens deployed within a recognized universal NFT network on the blockchain so that all tokens will have a contract-origin pedigree making them instantly recognizable, trade-able, and interoperable with other major platforms.

In addition to PRüF Native NFT’s, developers can choose to ‘decorate’ existing assets using PRüF features. While this does not give access to the full suite of PRüF management features, PRüF decorated NFT’s inherit the mutable and immutable file and media features, as well as some other data features of PRüF native assets.

For migrations of existing NFT assets, PRüF supports ‘wrapping’ of standards-compliant tokens, effectively importing the asset into the PRüF ecosystem. Holders of PRüF wrapped NFT’s can then ‘unwrap’ their original token while retaining the file, data, and media features of a PRüF decorated asset.

Each TokenNode holder (token founder) can define a unique name for their NFT, which will automatically preclude others from using their label and related namespaces in the system. This creates valuable branding IP for developers, and the TokenNode key token itself also represents a tangible asset that can help make projects more fundable.

PRüF native or wrapped Tokens can be optionally monetized, requiring payment to the TokenNode holder (founder or delegated address) for operations such as the modifications of mutable characteristics, status changes, or transfers. Costs for revenue-generating events can be set individually and can range from 0 to nearly infinite.

All PRüF enabled NFT assets are fundamentally interoperable, though they may vary widely in associated content and functionality. This means that they can be viewed and interacted with within a common infrastructure, enabling a diversity of markets, trading platforms, and galleries that work with all PRüF enabled NFT’s. This commonality has the added benefit of ensuring absolute uniqueness and exclusivity of each NFT, a very important feature in many NFT based business models.

PRüF NFT is in active development. To find out more, contact us on Telegram or email us.


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