Frequently Asked Questions

PRüF Protocol Overview:
The decentralized, DAO governed PRüF protocol solves authenticity, provenance, data permanence, and branding for physical and digital assets. With PRüF, NFT or asset tokenization projects can be up and running in minutes
instead of months — with audited code, permanent storage, and provable, branded provenance.
Legacy tokens must have their contracts audited by a qualified team of experts to understand their actual on-chain guarantees and value. In contrast, the PRüF contract infrastructure is quantified; all tokens minted with a PRüF node are compliant within a fixed set of guarantees, and backwards compatible to ERC721.
By using a standardized set of audited contracts, the PRüF protocol endows ERC721 compliant tokens with superpowers. These features all use a shared contract infrastructure, so they have trustworthy provenance for cross-platform operation.

PRüF is described as privacy-first. What does that mean, and how does PRüF protect user privacy?
The PRüF protocol does not store personally identifiable information on the blockchain. This is important because, by design, the blockchain is a living public document. Anything stored on the blockchain is inherently public. PRüF uses user data to create digital “shadows” of the information it is given, and the original information is discarded. Like a shadow, the data cannot be used to recreate the original scene, but it is a unique imprint that can be used to verify that a scene matches the shadow or does not.
By not storing your information, PRüF data becomes immune to breaches, hackers, or other methods of coercion - the data is simply not there to take.
Privacy and security are almost always a tradeoff with functionality. PRüF meets this challenge in two ways:
PRüF allows a specific user (and only that user) to prove that they are the owner or authorized party to a single specific asset. This limitation is a privacy feature in our case because it prevents “looking up” users' listings on the blockchain.
While privacy is important, sometimes we wish to make things public. PRüF allows for this as well by linking assets to publicly readable (or encrypted) information accessible online. This way, users can publish what they want to make public while retaining control of their privacy.

What do you mean when you say that PRüF is extendable and upgradeable?
The PRüF infrastructure is modular and designed to securely connect to custom contracts to enable any type of business logic imaginable.
Custom contracts might include collateralized loans, layaways, escrows pending delivery, structured sales contracts, or any other type of business logic involving assets, payments, and time or other information oracles.
As formats and protocols change (remember adobe flash?), PRüF assets can be upgraded to reflect advances in technology. Assets can even be created that follow a subscription model, with updated user content provided by the token minting authority.

Does the PRüF protocol support token staking?
YES! PRüF governance is powered by stakers. Token holders stake on nodes that earn in the PRüF ecosystem, and receive a share of node earnings. In addition to this, we offer an enhanced staking fund for early adopters that will provide very high rewards for stakers even before the full ecosystem is rolled out. Token holders can stake $PRUF right now at our staking portal and ears over 20% returns on PRüF!

What is a PRüF Node?
Nodes are the key to PRüF’s decentralization.
Brands, businesses, and creators establish their asset minting authority by obtaining a Node. This unique “key” enables the holder to control the node, including setting the payment address and price points for specific actions within the scope of their node.
The node holder also chooses the namespace that describes their node. Because nodes act as a minting authority in the PRüF ecosystem, it is easy to differentiate original works from knockoffs or fakes - only the node holder can mint objects in their brand’s namespace.

Do you have any bounty programs? Who can join? How can I participate and earn PRüF?
We currently have a full bug bounty program, as well as daily meme contests and social media bounties on Telegram at Check for announcements and program details. PRüF will be listing soon, and is currently holding its IEO on P2PB2B!


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